Writing army memo for record

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Writing army memo for record

His mother did not like him being out at night, and feared he might catch cold; he partly resembled the character of Private Pike. Another influence was the Lancastrian comedian Robb Wiltonwho portrayed a work-shy husband who joined the Home Guard in numerous comic sketches during WW2.

It was he who renamed the show Dad's Army. He did not like Brightsea-on-Sea, so the location was changed to Walmington-on-Sea. He was happy with the names for the characters Mainwaring, Godfrey and Pike but not with other names, and he made suggestions: He also suggested adding a Scot.

Jimmy Perry had produced the original idea but needed an experienced man to see it through. Mills suggested David Croftand so their partnership began. When an episode was shown to members of the public, to gauge audience reaction prior to broadcast of the first series, the majority of the audience thought it was very poor.

The production team put the report containing the negative comments at the bottom of David Croft 's in-tray. He only saw it several months later, [7] after the series had been broadcast and had received great acclaim. The first series has a loose narrative thread, with Captain Mainwaring's platoon being formed and equipped, initially with wooden guns and LDV armbands and later on with full army uniforms; the platoon is part of the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

The first episode, " The Man and the Hour ", begins with a scene set in the "present day" ofin which Mainwaring addresses his old platoon as part of the contemporary ' I'm Backing Britain ' campaign.

The prologue opening was a condition imposed after initial concerns from Paul Fox, the BBC1 controller, that it belittled the efforts of the Home Guard.

Later episodes are largely self-contained, albeit referring to previous events and with additional character development. As the comedy in many ways relies on the platoon's lack of participation in the Second World War, opposition to their activities has to come from another quarter and this is generally provided by Air Raid Precautions ARP Warden Hodges, and sometimes by the verger of the local church St Aldhelm's or by Captain Square and the neighbouring Eastgate Home Guard platoon.

The group does have some encounters related to the enemy, such as downed German planes, a Luftwaffe pilot who parachutes into the town's clock tower, a U-boat crew and discarded parachutes that may have been German; a Viennese ornithologist appears in " Man Hunt " and IRA suspects appear in " Absent Friends ".

The humour ranges from the subtle especially the class -reversed relationship between grammar-school educated Mainwaring, the local bank manager and public-school educated Wilson, his deputy at the bank to the slapstick the antics of the elderly Jones being a prime example.

writing army memo for record

Jones had several catchphrasesincluding "Don't panic! Mainwaring says "You stupid boy" to Pike in many episodes. The early series occasionally includes darker humour, reflecting that, especially early in the war, the Home Guard was woefully under-equipped but was still willing to have a crack at the Wehrmacht.

For instance, in the episode " The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage ", the platoon believes the enemy have invaded Britain. Mainwaring, Godfrey, Frazer and Jones along with Godfrey's sisters, who are completely unaware of the invasion decide to stay at the cottage to delay the German advance, to allow the regular army time to arrive with reinforcements; "It'll probably be the end of us, but we're ready for that, aren't we, men?

Characters[ edit ] The characters of Dad's Army left to right: He had been a lieutenant in the First World Warbut is embarrassed by the fact that he never saw combat, being sent to France only on after the Armistice and then part of the Army of Occupation in Germany. Wilson actually had served as a Captain during the First World War, but he only reveals this in the final episode.

He does not live with the Pike family but is implied to be in a relationship with the widowed Mrs Pike and sometimes hinted to be Private Pike's father which, although never explicitly stated on the show, was privately confirmed on the last day of filming.

Jones was an old campaigner who enlisted as a drummer boy at age 14 and participated, as a boy soldier, in the Gordon Relief Expedition of —85 and, as a man soldier, in Kitchener 's campaign in the Sudan in — Jones also served during the Boer War and the Great War.

He often suffers from the effects of malaria caught during one of his campaigns, and has to be calmed during his 'shudders'. Often seen as fastidious and old, he is the world's worst worrier and has a catch phrase of 'They don't like it up em! Dunn was considerably younger than his character, being only 48 at the start of filming.

This allowed him to take part in some of the more physical comedy of the show. He served at the Battle of Jutland as a ship's cook and also has a medal for having served on Shackleton 's Antarctic expedition.

Lived on the Isle of Barra. His catchphrase was "We're doomed. Following Beck's death in Walker was cut out of the series. He lives in Walmington with his elderly sisters and serves as the platoon's medical orderly.

He often gets " caught short " and needs to "be excused". A conscientious objector during the First World War, he was nevertheless awarded the Military Medal for heroic actions as a combat medic during the Battle of the Somme. He also demonstrated bravery during his Home Guard service particularly during the " Branded " episode where Mainwaring, seemingly unconscious in a smoke filled room, is rescued by Godfrey.

Private Frank Pike Ian Lavenderthe youngest of the platoon, a cosseted mother's boy, often wearing a thick scarf over his uniform to prevent illness and a frequent target for Mainwaring's derision "You stupid boy!

Pike is not called up to the regular army due to his rare blood group in series 8 he is called up but excused for this reason. He works for Mainwaring in his day job as an assistant bank clerk. He frequently addresses Sgt.Shirley Hope Reeves, Shirley Hope Reeves made her transition into the next life on Aug.

14, , a few weeks after suffering a stroke. Shirley was born on Feb. 8, , to Minna and Charles in Providence, R.I., and enjoyed good health and joyful celebration much of her 96 years with us. formatted courtesy of: alphabetnyc.com 2 k. complete the basic airborne course prior to reporting to the civil affairs qualification course, if not already airborne qualified.


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qualifying time in service and time in grade requirements by pay grade. CHAPTER 5 SOME SPECIFIC GUIDANCE ON ARMY CORRESPONDENCE 1. alphabetnyc.com Regulation , Preparing and Managing Correspondence, gives specific guidance on the many correspondence formats used by the Army.

Shirley Hope Reeves, Shirley Hope Reeves made her transition into the next life on Aug. 14, , a few weeks after suffering a stroke. Shirley was born on Feb. 8, , to Minna and Charles in Providence, R.I., and enjoyed good health and joyful celebration much of her 96 years with us.

I can hear the groans of agony from here.

writing army memo for record

Memorandums. I was thinking about putting this in the officer section, but unfortunately everyone has to eventually write one of these, and they have to be correct. Hopefully this can help you out in making your own memos.

A short guide for writing memorandums. Begins right under the last line of the last paragraph. The “Authority Line” goes 2 spaces below.

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