Writing and identity the discoursal construction worker

The mythology of voice. Observations in formal and informal contexts. Journal of Second Language Writing, 17, —

Writing and identity the discoursal construction worker

I conducted semi-structured interviews and collected writing samples of the participants.

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Findings suggest that the participating Bangladeshi student writers tried to construct their autobiographical selves by drawing on previous literacy practices. However, it was their field of study science or arts that allowed or restricted them from expressing their individual interest, experiences, opinions and commitment in their L2 writing.

Participants also constructed their discoursal selves through citations practices, linguistics choices, and organization of their papers as they tried to accommodate to the discourses preferred by their field of study or professors.

In addition, the science and non-science major students expressed themselves as authors differently by employing either personal or impersonal writing styles and by making claims following different disciplinary conventions.

Such identities, as the study illustrate, were multiple, shifted, conflicted, and developed as participants tried to align themselves with the preferred identities or possibilities in the English academic community.

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The paper concludes with teaching implications for academic writing in a second language.International Journal of Educational Research, 46, – Ivanicˇ, R.

(). Writing and identity: The discoursal construction of identity in academic writing. The first part of the book reviews recent understandings of social identity, of the discoursal construction of identity, of literacy and identity, and of issues of identity in research on academic alphabetnyc.com: Roz Ivanič.

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Writing and Identity. the Discoursal Construction of Identity in Academic Writing/5(10).

writing and identity the discoursal construction worker

The second theme is the discoursal construction of identity through writing reflective practice, and this relates to the second issue discussed (writing reflective practice). “Modeling a Writer’s Identity: Reading and Imitation in the Writing Classroom.” College Composition and Communication 39 (): Brooke, Robert E.

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Writing and Sense of Self: Identity Negotiation in Writing Workshops. Voice in written language — a metaphorical concept capturing the sense of author identity that comes through when readers interact with texts — has intrigued many writing teachers and researchers.

While some teachers regard voice to be an essential feature of good writing, others consider it to.

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