Writing a memoir in middle school

Not only do I devour memoirs, I also have written my own, and I coach memoir writers on turning their memories into manuscripts.

Writing a memoir in middle school

Grades Creating a memoir outline is different than outlining for an essay or research paper. Teachers should not expect traditional outlines from students, but guide them in creating an outline appropriate for a memoir. The middle of a memoir shares important actions and details about the experience.

While the end, comes after the main action and needs to show what was learned. Writing the Outline Create an outline for this period of time in your life. Encourage students to outline the events, details and emotions of their life at the time the memoir takes place.

writing a memoir in middle school

Outline the memoir in three major parts: Divide the action into three parts and outline for events, details and emotions in each part. Customize a blank outline for students to fill-in. This enables students to know exactly what the teacher requires for an outline.

Plus, students have an example for future use.

Sample Memoir Essays Written by High School Students (from Scholastic Magazines)

Planning The goal of planning a memoir is the same as outlining, helping students prepare what to write. Planning a memoir is a less traditional method, but a more creative approach to preparing a memoir.

Model these techniques for students with an event from your own life. Here are a few ideas for planning a memoir: Divide a page into six boxes. On the left side, students write the beginning, middle and end of their memoir in a few sentences to use as a reference.

Writing a Memoir Lesson Plan for Middle School: Outlining, Planning & Pulling it All Together

Students share their memoir with a partner, using as many details and as much information as possible. On the right side, the partner asks at least three questions for each section about what else they want to know.

These are things the writer can think about and further develop as they begin to write. Create a three box planner. Draw three boxes in the middle of the page. In the middle box, draw the most important event of the story. In the first box, draw what happened immediately before the most important event.

In the last box, draw what happened immediately after the most important event.

Popular Memoirs For Middle School Books

Write a one sentence caption under each box. Draw a box outlining the page.When she taught middle school, Allison Petersen invited her students to craft their own statements of belief. “Having students write ‘This I Believe’ essays is a powerful way to get to know them,” says Petersen, an academic technology coordinator at Mount Pisgah Christian School in Atlanta.

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Writing the Outline

30 more great articles about life. Death. involved in writing a memoir and reading a variety of literary works. The unit was designed for middle school students, but lessons can easily .

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