Words that change lives

But how often have you said to somebody: Or how often has somebody said those words to you? It came when I inspired over 14, people to tell half-a-million other people that they matter by giving out cards that said so.

Words that change lives

They are easy to say but they require more than just saying the words. Each of these words can be used to positively change your life and those around you.

YES Yes is a powerful word: Whenever you say Yes, you move a relationship forward in positive ways. Peter and Andrew, James and John said Yes to being Jesus' disciples and their lives were changed forever. Yes opens doors to blessings in your life; it brings possibilities to you.


But saying Yes requires commitment and follow-through. If we don't have the commitment than our Yes can end up being a No. Captain Scott Southworth said Yes to adopting an Iraqi orphan and changed his life forever.

When we say Yes to God is not about being acceptable it is about being available. You will never regret saying Yes to God. NO In order to say Yes you have to learn to say No.

We can't say Yes to everything, so we have to say No to some things. To receive the best things you have to say No to the good things. Having boundaries is the best way to communicate No. A boundary is simply an emotional property line so people understand you.

They can be both defining and protective. Boundaries bring clarity and reality to relationships. They do not mean you are selfish. They simply communicate expectations and as well as consequences. They can change a marriage, a family or a team. I'm Sorry clears the way to a relationship with God.

Confessing our past sins, mistakes and failures opens the door to God's forgiveness and grace. We are then able to say I'm Sorry to others we have offended. So much anger and hurt is the result of no one being willing to say I'm Sorry. Granting forgiveness is as important as asking for it.

Forgiveness is giving up the right to be hateful and judgmental. It is an act of the will, we choose to ask for and receive forgiveness.

The deeper your understanding of God's grace the easier it is to forgive. We think that if we say them too much the person might get an inflated ego or they already know it so we don't need to say it.The "Words Change Lives" page was created in part as a class project to help teens become more socially conscious and aware of issues concerning their community.

The Power of Talk: How Words Change Our Lives [Felecia M.

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Briscoe, Gilberto Arriaza, Rosemary C. Henze] on alphabetnyc.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This enlightening book helps educators use everyday language to create more equitable school environments5/5(3).

Apr 29,  · There are 10 simple words that can change your life. They are easy to say but they require more than just saying the words. Each of these words can be used to positively change .

" By giving out cards, like the one she received Rice has touched the lives of more than 14, people and encouraged them to spread the love.

Here, she shares some of the best things that have happened when she's surprised people with cards.

Words that change lives

In Encouragement: How Words Change Lives, join Gordon Cheng as he explains what encouragement is and how all of us can make one simple and foundational contribution to church life by encouraging others. This easy-to-read book is sprinkled with humour, insight and practical wisdom. Words That Change Lives.

If you’re like me, you wear many hats. There are times, though, when you could use an extra hand. That’s why I’m here. I am a direct mail copywriter. I help nonprofits raise funds, awareness, support, and advocacy for their causes.

Everyone writes. Most believe they .

Change your words, change your life