Walmart good and bad essay

However, the negative greatly outweighs the positive. The positives are few and far between, namely in the low everyday prices and the convenience of having everything you need under one roof.

Walmart good and bad essay

Walmart Essay- Good or Bad? It has been changing the lifestyles and economies of both America and China. The real question is, is it really benefiting us, and where will it take us in the future?

You can share either opinion in this matter depending on what your views are on it.

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I personally believe that it is pulling our economy down with its cheap prices, and at the same time strengthening the economy of a communist country that could be a future threat to this nation; China. In this essay I will explain why this is. Wal-Mart is a bad thing for this economy.

First of all, because the type of economy our country is based off of is supposed to be run off of several small companies, run by a many individual entrepreneurs. How other people supposed to rise up and become entrepreneurs?

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Wal-Mart is also bad for this economy because it provides most of its employees with only minimal wages and no healthcare. It is also bad that they have so much control over their suppliers. Because of their power and supremeness in the market, they can basically pick their price and if the supplier cannot match it, they find someone else who can.

Take Rubbermaid as an example.

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One of our own decent companies was almost put out of business because their prices were too high for Wal-Mart, and so Wal-Mart found someone else. If there was more market segregation, Rubbermaid could have simply sold to other companies that wanted their quality products.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart is doing very bad things for the US economy. It needs to be weakened, so that we can once again compete in the economy.The good part about these cases is that the workers who were wronged saw some of the money they were owed returned to them.

The bad part is that unless Walmart shares drop more than six cents, the. - Wal-Mart - Great for Shoppers, Bad for Competitors Wal-Mart can be a virus and a cure, since it has its pros and cons depending on the critiques perspective.

Walmart good and bad essay

From my point of view, Wal-Mart is an extremely efficient superstore, with amazing marketing skills, and coordination. May 25,  · (Shutterstock) 10 reasons Wal-Mart is the worst company in America The retail giant’s famous anti-union policies are nothing new and appear to be getting worse all the time.

Essay on Wal-Mart Good or Bad?

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The largest corporation in America with $, million in revenues and employing 2,, employees, Wal-Mart has become one of the greatest success stories in American history, but also one of the most controversial stories since Standard Oil (Fortune).

Why Wal-Mart is Good for America (and Maybe Your Portfolio) A Rebuttal to the Beast of Bentonville's Critics. I believe that the Wal-Mart is good for America, good for its citizens, and good for the World.

Making Money By Investing in Stocks of Bad Companies. Wal-Mart was the world’s largest retailer, with billion dollars in sales and the nation’s largest private employer, with 3, stores, more than 1 million hourly workers, and accounted for 2 percent of America’s domestic product.

Walmart: Good or Bad? - Case Study