Undergraduate philosophy essay questions

A nice presentation on writing philosophy papers. Allow yourself enough time.

Undergraduate philosophy essay questions

Preparation Preparation Good essay writing begins with good course preparation. You should remember that just attending courses is not enough. You will engage with the lectures and seminars only if you do the required primary and secondary reading.

By the time you come to write your first essay you should already know enough to approach the subject confidently. Make sure you have properly understood the question. If you do not, ask.


Review your lecture notes and the course outline in order to put the question into context and to relate it to other aspects of the subject. If you can break down the question into parts, do so.

Decide which are the most important and weight each part accordingly. Read the suggested texts with your question or questions in mind. If you find the reading hard to understand, try reading a whole article or chapter to get the gist and then re-read slowly, making notes.

Discuss them with your fellow students. It can be very helpful to discuss the articles and books you read with others. Always start from a plan, however rudimentary; but you will inevitably find your argument developing a dynamic of its own, so do not be afraid to revise your plan as you go along.

On the first draft concentrate on getting the content and structure right and do not dwell on the style. Do not be held up by the precise formulation of a sentence, jot down a phrase and move on.

Undergraduate philosophy essay questions

Write the final draft. Check the spelling, grammar and make sure all the bibliographical details are correct. Be kind on your marker: Make a photocopy of your essay as a precaution, since they sometimes can go astray.

Content Content Your essay should contain a clear exposition of the theory you are studying, a detailed discussion and critical assessment of that theory. The criticisms you look at may be your own, or those of other philosophers. Make sure you indicate when you are expounding the view of someone else and when you are writing in your own voice.

Indicate whether you endorse or reject them and give your reasons. Use examples to illustrate your point.Writing a paper.

A nice presentation on writing philosophy papers. Allow yourself enough time. When the questions are set and you have decided which one to answer, try . The following are real answers to Tripos questions. Following each answer is an indication of the expected class of an essay at this level together with a brief justification.

Philosophy Essay Questions. A collection of free philosophy essay questions to aid you in creating your own. Home > Undergraduate > A First Aid to Philosophy > Philosophy Exam Tips Introduction; Courses; Requirements for Majoring A Student's Guide to Philosophy Courses By David Benatar.

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Many people seem to look only at the general topic from which an essay question is drawn, and then write an essay on the general topic. When the questions are set and you have decided which one to answer, try to do some Essay Contest – Philosophy – University of St.

Thomas Essay Contest The Thomas D. Sullivan Medal in Philosophy for the .


Undergraduate study; Postgraduate study: Diploma, MA, PhD; For current students. 1. Essay Questions. This guide to writing Philosophy essays was written by Gordon Finlayson. Department of Philosophy University of York, Heslington, York, YO

Undergraduate Philosophy Essay Questions - JMB Group PM