The negative impact and dangers of video games

This popular form of media has both positive and negative effects on children. The most widely acknowledged "positive" impact is that video games may help children improve their manual dexterity and computer literacy. Ever-improving technology also provides players with better graphics that give a more "realistic" virtual playing experience. This quality makes the video game industry a powerful force in many adolescent lives.

The negative impact and dangers of video games

Are There Different Types of Video Game Addictions?

Investigators discovered people who played a violent video game for three consecutive days showed increases in aggressive behavior and hostile expectations each day they played.

They also found that those who played nonviolent games showed no meaningful changes in aggression or hostile expectations over that period.

The negative impact and dangers of video games

Although other experimental studies have shown that a single session of playing a violent video game increased short-term aggression, this is the first study to show long-term effects from playing violent video games, said psychologist Dr.

Brad Bushman, co-author of the study. In the same way, repeated exposure to violent video games may have a cumulative effect on aggression. In the study, researchers told 70 French university students that they would be participating in a three-day study of the effects of brightness of video games on visual perception.

They were then assigned to play a violent or nonviolent video game for 20 minutes on each of three consecutive days. After playing the game each day, participants took part in an exercise that measured their hostile expectations.

They were given the beginning of a story, and then asked to list 20 things that the main character will do or say as the story unfolds. The researchers counted how many times the participants listed violent or aggressive actions and words that might occur.

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Students in the study then participated in a competitive reaction time task, which is used to measure aggression. Each student was told that he or she would compete against an unseen opponent in a trial computer game in which the object was to be the first to respond to a visual cue on the computer screen.

The loser of each trial would receive a blast of unpleasant noise through headphones, and the winner would decide how loud and long the blast would be. The noise blasts were a mixture of several sounds that most people find unpleasant such as fingernails on a chalk board, dentist drills, and sirens.

In actuality, there was no opponent and the participants were told they won about half the trials. Researchers discovered that, after each day, those who played the violent games had an increase in their hostile expectations.

The negative impact and dangers of video games

In other words, after reading the beginning of the stories, they were more likely to think that the characters would react with aggression or violence. That expectation may make them more defensive and more likely to respond with aggression themselves, as we saw in this study and in other studies we have conducted.

He said it is impossible to know for sure how much aggression may increase for those who play video games for months or years, as many people do. It may eventually level off.

What Causes an Addiction to Video Games?

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Retrieved on September 18,from https:Jul 06,  · Two of my grandsons, ages 10 and 13, seem destined to suffer some of the negative effects of video-game overuse. The year-old gets up half an hour earlier on school days to play computer games, and he and his brother stay plugged into their hand-held devices on .

Thats good information i am a female and i love playin video Games and im doing a rport on Negative effects on Elementary aged children that play the violent vedio games i have a 9 year old brother that is addicted to video games especialy the violent ones and he has a bad attitude and tries doing what they do in the video thanks for.

Sep 16,  · This is a basic introduction of the negative effects that video games contain.

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I encourage all video gamers to watch this video. Be aware of the effects of a video game compulsion to keep your child's hobby in check. He shouldn't be getting anymore than two hours of screen time per day and this includes time playing games, watching television and surfing the Internet, according to alphabetnyc.comd: Jun 17, Studies have shown the negative effects violent video games have on the younger generation.

Calvert and Tan did a study on young adults, where they compared the differences between playing versus observing violent video games. Aug 20,  · Aug. 20, -- Adults who play video games may be increasing their risk for health problems, a new study shows.

A survey published in the American Journal of .

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