The mystery of how america became involved in the vietnam war

By the late s, it was clear the established veterans groups had failed to make a priority of the issues of concern to Vietnam veterans. In Januarya small group of Vietnam veteran activists came to Washington, D. However, despite persuasive arguments before Congress, which were amplified by highly supportive editorials printed in many leading American newspapers, they failed to win even a single legislative victory to bring new and needed programs into creation to help Vietnam veterans and their families. It soon became apparent that arguments couched simply in terms of morality, equity, and justice were not enough.

The mystery of how america became involved in the vietnam war

Suffering from a lack of accurate intelligence sources inside North Vietnam, the U. In doing so, the administration exaggerated the number of POWs at issue, at one point stating that there were "fifteen hundred American servicemen" held throughout Southeast Asia.

During this, POWs were released to U. President Richard Nixon announced that all U. These efforts halted following the collapse of the Accords and the fall of South Vietnam inand over the next ten years, little progress was made in recovering remains. Inthe re-emergence of U. Garwood is considered by the Department of Defense to have acted as a collaborator with the enemy after he was taken prisoner, while it is claimed by proponents of the "live prisoners" belief, and by Garwood himself, that he was an American POW abandoned by the military.

This publicity resulted in better treatment of U. POWs from fall on.

The mystery of how america became involved in the vietnam war

After the war, the National League of Families became the leading group requesting information about those still listed as missing in action. It was led by Ann Mills Griffiths. Its stated mission was and is "to obtain the release of all prisoners, the fullest possible accounting for the missing and repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died serving our nation during the Vietnam War in Southeast Asia.

Newt Heisley designed this flag to represent America's missing men. This group was more established, less radical, and more connected to the government. Its goal was and is to resolve the fates of any unreturned U. It is a s-origined splinter from the National League of Families, [13] created by members who were dissatisfied with Ann Mills Griffiths' leadership.

Recovery and "rescue"[ edit ] In the mids, the U. The Vietnamese slowly began to return American remains that they had previously collected and stored; eventually they permitted the U. The Lao government, with whom the USG maintained diplomatic relations, also agreed to several crash-site excavations in the mids.

This resulted in the return and identification of the remains of a few dozen Americans. In Cambodia, political turmoil prevented such efforts. These missions were heavily publicized, controversial and widely decried as haphazard — for instance, as some commentators stated, few successful secret missions involve bringing to the border towns women openly marketing commemorative POW-rescue T-shirts.

Haneya former Delta Force operator and a holder of the "live prisoners" belief, later wrote that beginning in his unit was twice told to prepare for a mission involving the rescue of American POWs from Vietnam, but both times the missions were scrubbed, according to Haney, when Gritz suddenly appeared in the spotlight, drawing too much attention to the issue and making the missions too difficult to accomplish.

National Security Council would eventually say of him: In fact, his activities have been counter-productive. By far the most visible film in this theme was Sylvester Stallone 's Rambo: First Blood Part II inwhich did the most to popularize the idea that American POWs had been left behind after the war and that the government had no real interest in their rescue.

The pivotal moment of the film occurs when Rambo, realizing he was betrayed by the U. I'm coming to get you! The Beginningas well as other films such as P.

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The Escape and Dog Tags that shared similar conceits. The long-running series Magnum, P. During the second, third and fourth seasons, evidence gradually mounted that Harm Sr. In the early-to-mids they largely looked at welcoming the prisoners home, and the impact of the war on veterans and their families.

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Congress took place over the years. For Vietnam veteran Bob SmithRepresentative and later Senator from New Hampshire, the fate of possible missing or captured Americans in Vietnam had been Smith's major issue since his arrival in Congress in Bush reported that even Smith would not agree with Hendon on some of these claims, Reagan concluded that "Bill is off his rocker".

In October his chief staff aide, James P.The US had been involved in Vietnam before the end of World War 2. At that time Vietnam was part of French Indo-China along with Laos and Cambodia. With the defeat of the Japanese in , the French assumed they would resume where they had been in . Questions about the Gulf of Tonkin incidents have persisted for more than 40 years.

But once-classified documents and tapes released in the past several years, combined with previously uncovered facts, make clear that high government officials distorted facts and deceived the American public about events that led to full U.S.

involvement in the Vietnam War. There are two main reasons why Australia got involved in the Vietnam War. The first had to do with preventing the spread of communism while the second had to do with Australia’s relationship with the United States.

In the s, the United States was Australia’s most important geopolitical ally. Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu [Monique Brinson Demery] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In November , the president of South Vietnam and his brother were brutally executed in a coup that was sanctioned and supported by the American government. President Kennedy later explained to his close friend Paul “Red” Fay that the reason the.

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