Targeting strategy of samsung mobile

Furthermore, Samsung is the largest tech business by revenue and seventh most valuable brand today. What helped Samsung to become an industry leading technology company, was the marketing strategy they applied. So, Samsung also had to change in order to gain the upper hand on the market and the new Samsung marketing strategy was the key to evolution.

Targeting strategy of samsung mobile

In this report we have evaluated the literature and actual brand strategies used by Samsung.

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Samsung Electronics Company is worldwide leading consumer electronics brands which have very high opponents in the same business field like HTC, Sony, Panasonic, and Nokia. With the help of its creative products and services it is attracting lot of customers. It was founded in by Lee Byung-chull as a trading company.

Samsung became the leading electronic manufacturers in Korea by catering to the international market. It makes Samsung to be a champion to international market with high-tech products. Samsung set up its branding strategy by Chairman Kun Lee who planned to originate universal program to make Samsung to be an international brand in Business Week, In addition, Samsung has spend lot of money in sports for its brand image for example, for sponsoring in Olympic Games SydneyIn Athens Olympic Games furthermore, Samsung also supported tools and distributed 14, cell phones during the games.

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Afterwards, Samsung has joined Yahoo Company in strategic marketing. InSamsung is to be voted to the number one in brands by Business Week.

Targeting strategy of samsung mobile

To highlight on its brand awareness, Samsung encourage the official sponsor of Chelsea, the popular English Premier League football club in To continue to increase perception of brand Samsung became the official sponsor of Guangzhou Asian Game. Main goals which a good brand includes: Conveys the message purely.

Confirms credibility For success in branding we have to concentrates on requirements and needs of customers. With the help of branding we can convince the customers to great extent.

Strategies of Branding Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most challenging steps in marketing plan process. A clear image of a brand enables consumers to know about the brand, use the brand, and talk about the brand.

All these factors are beneficial for the brand in identifying it from any rivals in the market. Good brand image strategies can lead to a good brand performance Roth, Brand image has three components: The first expansion of brand image of Samsung Electronics Company was started in Samsung Electronics Company has driven into a new corporate identity by changing its logo from the basic black bold type letters of the word Samsung with red star signs at the side into white Samsung word on a blue color background Spaeth, The blue background was designed to be an elliptical shape which gives an impression of modernization and advance.

It is determined to agree that Samsung has succeeded in the development of its brand logo.

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Samsung has clearly proved that it has driven on the right track as the brand is now widely well known around the world with its reputation of global electronics brand Character: Its character obviously describes that it is a strong brand approximately innovation, cutting edge technology and world class design.

Samsung became the official sponsor of the wireless technology in the Olympics when Seoul was hosted in By representing its brand into sport events, the brand will be greatly notice by lot of consumers. Nowadays also Samsung is using the same strategy.

By doing this Samsung logo is now appearing on every shirt of Chelsea players and it can be seen as an impressive way to maintain image of the brand. Samsung ambition is to boost sale volume in every segments of product. This team separated from another part and divided in to three layers that are: Product strategy team Regional strategy team.

One attempt that appropriate in the United States does not mean that it would success in other countries. That directly affects the brand image in high-class value and to certify higher margins and efficiency.

Business weekly, Market Shares.Samsung segmentation, targeting and positioning involves a set of activities performed in a sequence.

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These activities constitute the essence of Samsung marketing strategy. Segmentation involves dividing population into different groups on the basis of their common characteristics.

Targeting strategy of samsung mobile

Analysts estimate Samsung’s operating profit from the mobile division topped Won4tn ($bn) in the second quarter, accounting for more than half of Samsung. Corporate strategy, business level strategy 6 Samsung business strategy 6 3) Samsung overtakes Nokia in a handset market 7 Conclusion 9 Reference 10 Introduction Samsung Electronics was founded in South Korea in It is part of one of the multibillion corporations in the world.

Overall positioning: Samsung laptops have a better version of the consumers basic expectations from a laptop Samsung Mobile Phones Samsung, once known to be the low-quality service provider of all time is now one of the .

Apr 14,  · Mobile Samsung doc: Beating Apple was 'survival strategy' Dale Sohn, the former CEO of Samsung's mobile business in the US, also testifies that a shift in the Korean company's sales and marketing.

Overall positioning: Samsung laptops have a better version of the consumers basic expectations from a laptop Samsung Mobile Phones Samsung, once known to be the low-quality service provider of all time is now one of the leading mobile companies of the world.

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