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StatSolver is a statistical package built using Microsoft Excel as a platform. Developed using the most advanced technology of the Dot Net Framework and hosted in one of the most popular spreadsheet calculators, it capitalizes on the broad base of users already trained on how to use Excel to make calculations.

Stat problem solver

Does the population of soft-drink fill have to be normally distributed here?

Stat problem solver

An individual value of 2. The confidence interval represents bounds on the average of a sample ofnot an individual value. A sample average of 2. What would be your answer to a?

This shift of the sample average will result in a shift of the confidence interval by the same distance. The width of the interval will not be changed, so we have: We do not have a list of data for this problem, instead we have summary statistics from the textbook.

Enter the information for this problem as you see below. This gives the same results as before. Consider the following Exercise: The dean of a graduate school of business wishes to estimate the proportion of MBA students enrolled who have access to a personal computer PC outside the school either at home or at work.

A sample of students reveals that have access to a PC outside the school. Since this is a confidence interval for the proportion, it will be a Z-interval. Again, this value is found by drawing a normal curve by hand in order to illustrate exactly what we need for this problem.

We need to know the Z-values that correspond to those marks, namely. Use the invNorm function with. It follows that the proportion of students who do not have access to a PC outside the school falls between.

The proportion obtained by dividing the number of PCs in the lab by the total number of students should likewise fall in this interval.

Consider the following exercise: A stationary store wants to estimate the average retail value of greeting cards that it has in its inventory.

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Note that the standard deviation did come from the sample. Therefore, this will be a t-interval, as opposed to a Z-interval. This value is found by drawing a t curve just draw a bell-shaped curve like usual in order to illustrate exactly what we need for this problem.

We need to know the t-values that correspond to those marks, namely.Moved Permanently. Server. Free math problem solver answers your statistics homework questions with step-by-step explanations.

We now show how to find the coefficients for the logistic regression model using Excel’s Solver capability (see also Goal Seeking and Solver). We start with Example 1 from Basic Concepts of Logistic Regression. We capture this information in the worksheet in Figure 1 (based on the data in Figure 2.

This paper studies the notion of W-measurable sensitivity in the context of semigroup actions. W-measurable sensitivity is a measurable generalization of sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

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