Stagnant democracy essay

In this theory, groups with shared interest influence public policy by pressing their concerns through organized efforts.

Stagnant democracy essay

People may not love their system of government, but it is important that they at least see it as better than any alternative they can imagine. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

But there is a difference between popular Stagnant democracy essay of a regime in the absence of any immediate alternative and a deep popular commitment to its moral worth. Monument to Humanity was a nearly completed statue in Turkey that depicted two humans reaching out to each other.

People support a political system because it works for the moment to maintain order, generate economic growth, and produce other public goods. But the danger with legitimacy that is based purely on performance is that it can evaporate when the performance goes bad.

Lipset argued that once democracies had functioned well over an extended period of time, they would build up a reservoir of Stagnant democracy essay legitimacy that they could draw on in difficult times.

Political legitimacy has many possible sources. As the German sociologist Max Weber wrote, legitimacy may be based on tradition—people see authority as morally right because it has a long and deeply rooted historical vintage.

It may be forged by the personal charisma of a transformative leader, whether democratic, such as George Washington or Nelson Mandela, or autocratic, such as Lenin, or Fidel Castro, or Ayatollah Khomeini. But charismatic authority is fleeting, as it depends on a personality.

People will obey rules when the rules are perceived to work fairly and well over the long run—or in the absence of any alternative. But in the face of an extended crisis of performance—for example, a protracted increase in economic inequality; two or more decades of stagnant or declining incomes for a large swath of the population; or a broader sense of unaddressed threat to group identity and national sovereignty—much of the population may lose faith in the political system.

And when that happens, a systemic alternative is bound to present itself. A reasonable minimum threshold for democratic consolidation is that no less than 70 percent of the public express commitment to democracy as the best form of government, and no more than 15 percent of the public express support for an authoritarian regime option.

This is a tough standard that is met by only a few democracies outside the West. We have generally presumed that popular support for democracy remains extremely high in the established Western democracies.

However, recent analysis by Roberto Foa and Yascha Mounk, published in the Journal of Democracyshows that support for democracy in the U. Most of the countries surveyed by the World Values Survey between and showed similar increases. Surely not all of the above surveyed citizens imagined that they were expressing support for non-democratic rule.

But the real danger that the established democracies face is not an army takeover, or a blatant suspension of the constitution by a would-be civilian dictator. The early practitioners of this incremental assault on democratic constraints were Vladimir Putin in Russia and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

In the early s, Thaksin Shinawatra pursued a similar path in Thailand, but the military overthrew him before he could consolidate power.

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It would be a much greater shock if any of these democracies were to succumb to the wave of largely right-wing, nativist populist authoritarianism sweeping through Central and Eastern Europe and several developing countries, most recently the Philippines since the election of Rodrigo Duterte last year.

In the long-established democracies, the institutional underpinnings of democracy are much stronger. But institutions in the end are rules and patterns of behavior that are perpetuated by people and must be defended by people. If people abandon the unconditional commitment to democracy as the best form of government, if they come to put short-term programmatic or partisan advantage above the most fundamental rules of the democratic game, then democracy will be endangered.

Political polarization—which has been steadily increasing in the United States—facilitates this slide toward the autocratic abyss, because it makes politics a zero-sum game in which there is no common ground uniting opposing camps.

Therefore anything can be justified in the pursuit of victory. Over the last century, this dynamic of polarization eroding the rules of the democratic game, paralyzing the democratic process, and paving the way for a strongman has been a common scenario for the failure of democracy. If there is a lesson that stretches across the history and the public opinion data, it is that nothing should be taken for granted.

The laziest and most fatal form of intellectual arrogance is to assume that what has been will continue to be, simply because it has a long history.

Legitimacy is nothing more than a set of individual beliefs and values. If we do not work to renew those beliefs and values with each generation, even long-established democracies could be at risk.Why Democracy is the Best Form of Government Essay Words | 5 Pages.

cohesive. As humanity advanced, governments obligingly followed. Although there have been hiccups from the ancient times to modern day, one type of government, democracy, has proven to be the most effective and adaptive. Contemporary Government Democracy Essay. One of the three contemporary theories of government is The Pluralist Theory - Contemporary Government Democracy Essay introduction.

In this theory, groups with shared interest influence public policy by pressing their concerns through organized efforts.

Stagnant democracy essay

Essay on Why Internet Is Bad For Democracy. Words Jun 8th, He shows us the relatively stagnant levels of democratic freedoms that have been the norm in the region for the past several decades.

Stagnant democracy essay

Diamond gives us a multitude of potential explanations . Burma's Young Leaders on Their Flawed Democracy An Interview with Liberty and Leadership Forum Participants Ei Ei Phyu, Htet Htet Oo, Aung Kyaw Moe, Myo Myint Aung, and Sai One Leng Kham; America’s Democracy Is Not in Danger, but This Is No Cause for Complacency An Essay by William A.

Galston, Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution and Columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Democracy, whether in its early or current state, needs constant improvement even if it is a government system that is highly respectful of its constituents.

Henry David Thoreau lived at a time when democracy was finally being recognized as oppressive in itself because . The term democracy has been derived from a Greek word 'demokratia' that translates to 'rule of the people' (Liddell & Scott, ).

Democracy was famously described by Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States of America, as the 'Government of .

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