Social problem in hindi in india

From the ancient times, many of the issues are happening in the country by the Indian Civilisation is about five thousand years of age. It is very natural society from the ancient times and it will also be very old and complex.

Social problem in hindi in india

Bonded Labour Reasons of Social Problems: But the very same complexity brings with itself complex nature of social problems and issues.

In fact every society of the world has their social issues unique to their society. So does Indian society. Indian society is very rooted in religious beliefs; there are people of different religious beliefs such as Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis etc.

These all adds to the socio-cultural varieties of the country. Almost all forms of social issues and problems find their origin in the religious and cultural practices of the people of India.

These social problems are developed in a long period of times and are still continuing in one form or other. Furthermore, India has witnessed several wars of large proportions; several foreign invaders attacked India in its long history among whom few made this country as their own and tried to force their socio-religious practices which also deteriorated social conditions; the long period of British rule crippled the country and had thrown it into backwardness.

Forms of Social Issues in India Poverty Poverty is a condition in which a household is not able to fulfill its basic needs for survival i.

Poverty is a widespread condition in India. Since Independence, poverty is a prevalent concern. It is the twenty-first century and poverty still is a persistent menace in the country.

India happens to be country wherein the disparities between the haves and the have-notes are extremely wide. It needs to be taken into account that although the economy has shown some visible signs of progress in the last two decades, this progress been uneven across various sectors or areas.

Some sections of the society like the Dalits are not even included in the poverty list maintained by the concerned authorities assigned by the government.

The element which further complicates and deteriorates the situation is the government subsidies system which has leakages in the distribution system.

They never reach the households. Illiteracy Illiteracy is a condition which becomes a blot on the development of nation.

India possesses the largest illiterate population. Illiteracy in India is a problem which has complex dimensions attached to it. Illiteracy in India is more or less concerned with different forms of disparities that exist in the country.

There are gender imbalances, income imbalances, state imbalances, caste imbalances, technological barriers which shape the literacy rates that exist in the country.

The Indian government though has launched several schemes to combat the menace of illiteracy but due to the poor conditions of sanitation and expensive private education and defective mid-day meal schemes, illiteracy still prevails. Not only the government, but every literate person needs to accept the eradication of illiteracy as a personal goal.

Each and every contribution by a literate person can make a contribution to eradicate the menace. Child Marriage According to the United Nations report, India has the second highest number of child marriages. Marriage is considered to be a sacred union between two mature and consenting individuals who are ready to accept each other and share responsibilities for a lifetime.

With respect to this context, child marriages happen to be an unsound institution. Child marriage mars the innocence of childhood. The Indian Constitution provides for prohibitions against child marriage through various laws and enactments.

The first law that was designed was the Child Marriage Restraint Act of which extended to the whole of India except Jammu and Kashmir. This act defines the ages of an adult male and female.


Also, sex with minors is a criminal offence under Section of the Indian Penal Code. Proper media sensitization is required for a major change to take place. While on one hand, it is stated that child marriage will still take nearly fifty years to be eradicated, genuine efforts, strict enforcements of the legal provisions and change the scenarios to a great extent.

Starvation Starvation is a condition characterized by the deficiency in calorie energy intake and is a serious form of malnutrition which ultimately leads to death if not taken care about. Historically, starvation has been constant across various human cultures apart from India. Starvation can take place in a country due to many reasons like war, famine, the disparities between the rich and the poor and so on.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: हमारी सामाजिक समस्याएँ | Essay on Our Social Problems in Hindi! भारतीय समाज अति प्राचीन है, जिसकी विशेषताएँ वैदिक साहित्य में वर्णित है । उस काल के समाज का एक निश्चित. The Life Cycle of a Social Problem A social problem is a condition that a group of people view as being undesirable. These can be a variety of different “problems.”They can occur in your community, school, church or any place that people interact with each other or an object. When a social problem arises there is a general way that they are. Find Social Issues in India including reasons of Social Problems and forms of Social Issues in India. Also know about Present Scenario of the Social Problems in India. Perhaps the problem lies in the very deep rooted beliefs in the minds of people of the country which is not letting the situation to change.

Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print. Related titles. A Presentation on Social Issues of India. Social Welfare Administration. POPULATION PROBLEM IN INDIA. Child Labour Ppt Presentation. SOCIAL 5/5(3). The social problem of India is mostly created by the religious beliefs and it is the main root of social issues.

In the religious and cultures practices, there is the most possibility of the social issues and problems and it is also the origin of social practices. Read this essay specially written for you on “Social Problems of India ” in Hindi language.

Essay on the Social Problems of India in Hindi

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Social problem in hindi in india

More. In this lesson, people can learn about thee various social evils spread in our society in brief and effective manner. Lessons (5) (Hindi) Poverty in India for UPSC CSE. 6 Lessons. 4 ratings.

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