Rise and growth of indian novel

It would perhaps be just not a mere overstatement if stated that - literature and history are very much intimately linked.

Rise and growth of indian novel

Pinterest Vijay Mallya, who fled India for London in Once a member of the Rajya Sabha, the Indian upper house of parliament, his diplomatic passport has been cancelled. In his pomp, Mallya seemed to represent a new India.

In a country whose old commercial elite had been dominated by cautious, discreet industrialists, Mallya was different: But these humdrum problems were trivial compared with the grand scandals that emerged during the s. Headlines filled up with fresh outrages, from fraudulent public housing schemes to dodgy road-building projects.

Instead, crony capitalism infiltrated almost every area of national life. Many politicians also became astoundingly rich, and would have made the Forbes list had their holdings not been hidden carefully in shell companies and foreign banks.

Rapid economic growth increased the value of political power, and what could be extracted from it. In recent decades, China went on the largest infrastructure building spree in history, but almost all of it was delivered by state-backed companies.

Bollygarchs borrowed huge sums from state-backed banks and invested with gleeful abandon, in one of the largest deployments of private capital since America built its railroad network years earlier.

Rise and growth of indian novel

Since taking office, Narendra Modi has tried, often ineffectually, to fix this corporate- and bank-debt crisis, alongside the related problems of cronyism and the super-rich that contributed to it.

Perversely, the closer India comes to its achieving its ambitions of Chinese-style double-digit levels of economic growth, the faster this will happen.

Rise and growth of indian novel

Even more importantly, poor countries that start off with high levels of inequality often struggle to reverse that trend as they grow richer. Many experts believe India needs to act.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Indian writing in English is primarily a result of the English colonial rule in India spanning almost two centuries.

There is an undeniable relation between the literary work and the historical background out of which it arises. contribution for the development of Indian English novel. The most significant event in the history of Indian English fiction in the nineteen thirties was the appearance on the scene of its major trio Mulk Raj Anand, R.

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Indian English Literature - The Growth of Indian English Novel. Whatever might have been that unseen force of the 'sociological explanation' in helping one comprehends the historical growth of the novel in India, it has also been reasoned that by the mid-nineteenth century, English novels were widely available in India.

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