Recreating prehistoric life jurassic park essay

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Recreating prehistoric life jurassic park essay

I consider the plot to be complex. The novel is based upon a theme park featuring dinosaurs, which are created from prehistoric DNA. The novel begins with bizarre attacks from bird like creatures. John Hammond a wealthy, elderly man establishes this park.

However, before the park is to be opened, Hammond invites three scientists to come visit the island to approve of it. Hammond also invites his two eager grandchildren, Tim and Lex, to come explore the park. While they are visiting they separate into groups to take a tour of the park.

They depart in electric-run land cruisers. While they are examining the surroundings around them Tim and Lex notice raptors leaving on a boat to go to the mainland. Meanwhile, a rival company is paying a disgruntled employee at the park, Dennis Nedry, a million and half-dollars to steal dinosaur embryos.

After Nedry has followed through with Recreating prehistoric life jurassic park essay plans the security system is shut down leaving the electricity shut off. Grant and the rest of his company are now stranded in the park.

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Their land cruisers break down on the perimeter of the tyrannosaurus padlock. The group is terrified to find that the fences are not electrified and that the t-rex has escaped. The t-rex attacks the vehicle with the children in it and the remainder of the people are killed or manage to escape.

Grant, Lex, and Tim are unfortunately now trapped in the park together. While hey are in the park they have to hide and run from many dangerous predators. Whilst trying to reach safety Grant observes eggshells. This causes him to anticipate that the dinosaurs in the park are breeding.

Grant was told that this could not be possible considering the park had only female dinosaurs in it.

Recreating prehistoric life jurassic park essay

Grant brings the eggshells with him to provide evidence that they are in fact breeding. The people who survive their visit to Jurassic Park are taken off the island to safety.

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The park is destroyed and bombed by the military and Coast guard. However, since there are a dozen frozen embryos still in existence, the possibility still remains for more dinosaurs to be produced.

The message itself shows that the motivation of greed does not guarantee success in life. John Hammond the owner of Jurassic Park demonstrates an excellent example of greed.

This ultimately led to nor only his own desire, but many other lives were ruined and the reality of the park was destroyed. The plot was very intense; it had many events that were suspenseful though forceful.

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I enjoyed the plot, in general I considered it to be clear, exciting, and reasonably interesting. I thought Michael Crichton overall did a superior job on the plot. The events I found were well structured, and generally simple to follow.

I considered the plot to be believable and as I read I found myself questioning whether the cloning of dinosaurs could actually take place.

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I wondered if scientists had actually tried to take prehistoric DNA from mosquitoes and try to recreate prehistoric creatures. I imagine that Michael Crichton had to put a lot of consideration into creating the plot so it would make the novel become alive. I thought the novel was exhilarating and most amusing to read.

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