Paper bead jewelry for sale

Shell gorgets were incised with bold imagery from the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. These are still carved today by several Muscogee CreekChickasawand Cherokee jewelers.

Paper bead jewelry for sale

Meanwhile, feel free to contact us to reserve anything on this site - which is up to date - for delivery after we return. This is the place to check out unique, handmade body jewelry in a wide range of natural materials including: All of our jewelry is handmade with love and full attention to detail - we've been at it in various permutations since We aim to provide comfortable, high-quality jewelry based on traditional designs that will be in harmony with nature and with the body.

We emphasize consistent home-grown quality rather than impersonal mass production. All prices listed are wholesale. Retail customers may order our goodies, but all prices will be twice those listed.

Please click here for more information: Companies intending to resell jewelry in a store. We offer wholesale to the trade only.

Halstead is the one stop supply shop for sterling silver jewelry artists.

You will be asked to provide proof of business, such as a business license, resale number, business card, current advertisement, etc. This link will explain what's going on with our pricing, how to order Organic jewelry, and also hook you up with special offers not mentioned elsewhere on this website, for retail only.

Natural and Traditional Materials:: Balinese earrings with granulation, lots of Miao hilltribe South Chinese Hmong tribal earrings, unusual set of 7 Indian silver hoops with connecting chain Simple, humble, and elegant. A nice inexpensive alternative, especially when stretching or switching sizes often.

Naturally light, cylinder shaped, and hollow. Amber earplugs, both saddles and cylinders, along with amber labret shapes. Also, horn and bone: We also have opal, shell, amber, tiger's eye and other stone inlay plugs, labrets, and one-flares!

Discover baculum, porcupine quills even rare yellow and orange quills! Newer horn plugs and shapes include: Even some fossilized walrus ivory and oosik plugs! STONE Stone solid and hollow earplugs, saddles, cylinders, septum rods, talons, tapers, conch tapers, crescents, ear weights, Aztec style labrets, dentalium shells, and more can be found here.

Look for traditionally used stones like nephrite jade, quartz, obsidian, and many others such as agate, amazonite, amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, fluorite, jasper, lapis, onyx, petrified wood, serpentine, sodalite, tiger's eye, turquoise LOTS of stone plugs, labrets, and septums!

Guatemala jade labrets and plugs with turquoise inlays! Fancy green and black jade plugs, claws, and ear weights, including Zoomorphic black jade, green jade, and yantra quartz crystal weights!

HARDWOOD Basic information, pictures of jewelry shapes and designs, color images of wood grain from the species we use, definitions of shapes, and other information to make an informed choice.

We offer chakte kok, chechen, granadillo, katalox, and olivewood plugs.

Paper bead jewelry for sale

We have silver filigree hollow eyelets and hoops, bronze and silver Protong earweights, heavy fox shaped earweights, silver cloud ear weights, silver and bronze light earweights, Thai silver spiral earrings, earrings made from real leaves encased in metal, silver star cut-out hollow plugs, silver poppy bud or fancy Thai hairsticks, stash earrings, tree ornaments, new tribal made reproductions of ethnic silver earring designs from North Thailand, and various silver coils and hooks.

Labret jewelry, lip plugs, and lip plates in all materials, as well as ethnographic pieces. This compilation page makes it easier to see all the available options at once. Please visit the specific material pages to view full information on availability, prices, and sizing.

Thorough descriptions and prices are found on those individual pages, rather than on this one. A page is dedicated to septum jewelry in all materials, including nose rings, pinchers, septum plugs, septum tusks and septum spikes, as well as ethnographic and tribal pieces.

Most of our jewelry is only offered in pairs except septums and labretsbut these little nuggets are reveling in the single life! This page compiles all our options for singles in one place.

Ethnic and Tribal Jewelry:: Introduction This page links you to the five regional categories of ethnic jewelry mentioned below, as well as a page on jewelry that has sold that we may be able to get again, and a link to a writeup of our friend Don Purple, whose jewelry we distribute.

Please feel free to let us know your specific requests for ethnic jewelry! India, Nepal, and Tibet A huge variety of jewelry and cultures are represented here. A high karat South Indian gold nostril piece, nostril screws, kundan earrings, traditional Indian ear jewelry Gujurat, Rajastan Indian nostril pieces, ear weights, upper ear cartilage pieces, and screw plugsFeatured BeadforLife Products.

We offer a wide selection of beautiful Ugandan beaded jewelry & Northern Uganda Shea Butter products that create opportunities for impoverished individuals in Uganda.


Our handmade paper beads are crafted into necklaces, earrings and bracelets which are a fashionable way to make a difference. Hobby Lobby arts and crafts stores offer the best in project, party and home supplies. Visit us in person or online for a wide selection of products!

My name is Isabella Lam and I welcome you to bead4me - my unique OOAK handmade jewelry Etsy e-shop!

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My love for beads and the perfection of the nature is my inspiration for designing unique hand made jewelry. Find Iris Apfel jewelry, shoes and handbags at HSN. You'll love how Iris Apfel's fun and quirky jewelry pieces transform your wardrobe.

Halstead is the one stop supply shop for sterling silver jewelry artists. Find Iris Apfel jewelry, shoes and handbags at HSN. You'll love how Iris Apfel's fun and quirky jewelry pieces transform your wardrobe.

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