Oreo cookie writing activity

They will also need a paper plate, napkin or piece of wax paper to work on. Starting the Chocolate Chip Cookie Excavation Predicting the Number of Chips The first thing your children will need to do is look the cookie over carefully on the top and the bottom. Then they will need to predict just how many chips are on each of the sides.

Oreo cookie writing activity

It's called an an 'opinion paragraph'. I'm guessing that you have an opinion about those! That's shorter than you're used to writing, but there are some new skills that I'm introducing.

My purpose in this lesson was to have them write a short simple opinion paragraph to practice forming opinions with reasons and examples and stating the introduction and concluding sentences. How can you share-by describing and writing-what you think is best? You have to support your opinion with good reasons and examples.

Otherwise it's just a statement that's unconvincing. They help the writing sounds smooth and they link up the reasons and examples.

oreo cookie writing activity

Share how to write about opinions "Today we'll write about the kind of desserts we like. We'll be using an organizer called 'the OREO organizer'. Go through slides I did tailor these to my kids because I know the girls like pink and 'IronMan' is a popular movie.

You could change these on the powerpoint to what is popular for your students. We spent several minutes talking about how reasons support the opinion. There has to be a direct line of support.

We also talked about how examples have to be linked to the reason. Model how to write a paragraph "If I'm going to write my opinion, I need to get organized. Here's an organizer - I'll keep my phrases short and then write longer sentences in my draft. Could an example be that they're brown?

I'll add linking words to connect the opinion, reasons and examples. Watch as I do this. Oreos are the best dessert. They taste wonderful because they are so chocolatey.

In addition, this cookie is good to dip in milk and gets soft. Oreos are definitely my favorite dessert. I have an opinion at the beginning, a reason with 2 examples, and then an opinion restated at the end.

oreo cookie writing activity

There was a lot of discussion while I modeled and I want to keep the task simple so that we have plenty of time.OREO Response Writing Language, level: all Teacher should explain to the students that they are beginning the stages of "Response Writing" to a written work. Explain that rather than reading a written work first, the class will work first on the more important part--how to engage in responding.

taking a cookie, perhaps eating it, and. Jan 04,  · Phases of the Moon Activity: Homemade Oreo Cookie Recipe (Yum!!) We had a lot of fun with this part of our astronomy alphabetnyc.com talked about the phases of the moon. We started off with a lamp and held an egg in our hand. Jun 18,  · Onomantopoeia, Oreos, and Outstanding Writing Yum!!

I've seen different versions of this activity everywhere. Clearly, oreos are a hot writing topic and great for introducing persuasive text or how to. However, this is a one day writing assignment used to teach descriptive writing and onomatopoeia.

Who knew Oreo cookies were so Author: The Teaching Thief. The texture should resemble that of a normal oreo cookie filling. Spread filling on a cooled cookie and top with another cookie. You msy have some filling left over. Well, learning about the moon can be a little easier with this fun Oreo cookie activity.

Before I do this activity though, I have the kids ‘map’ out the phases before actually getting out the Oreos. This is a fun writing lesson and activity that I did with both my middle school 8th grade students and ESL college students at the lower-intermediate level and both worked well.

Attached is a powerpoint that I found online on persuasive writing strategies (logos, pathos, ethos, kairos, research).

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