Opinion essay about facebook

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Facebook Essay Sample Facebook essay What is facebook essay? Facebook is the most popular social networking of all time. The popularity of Facebook has increased drastically.

Opinion essay about facebook

According to the results of the study on Compete. It is the best and the most powerful tool for collaboration and interaction between people or friends. Considering from the sociological perspective Facebook sites are considered to improve social capital which is particularly essential in striking up a conversation or enabling people to access information from the internet.

A study carried out in Michigan State University found that the services are beneficial especially for eth individuals with low self esteem and less self satisfaction.

From the psychological perspective, the site enables the individuals to meet and share with the others with common interests hence share the experiences and get motivated or gain knowledge to handle life issues Goldman, p. Facebook makes up a cheaper way of keeping up with friends by reinforcing the existing ones or expansion of the network by enabling the creation Opinion essay about facebook new ones.

Each individual member has a profile page on which he or she invites all the people to be their friends. They post ideas on their walls to be shared amongst the friends and those of their friends and also have a chance of accessing what their friends have to share thus more and diverse information and knowledge is shared.

It also serves to strengthen the bonds especially between the individuals who do not have enough physical contact or have not enough time for direct interaction. This is possible by providing individual information as well as views and opinions thus the others may be able to learn more concerning the individuals.

There is a lot to be done thus people do not have enough time to visit or interact with their friends, Facebook offers the opportunity for the individuals to interact and share views and opinions even as they carry on other duties. It is a good chance for the individuals to gather information concerning people of interest like professionals thus they may be able to pproach them on official duties by knowing their personalities.

People acquire more and diverse information from all corners of the world, for example the cultures of the other communities and how various individuals across the world handle life challenges. It is a good and effective medium of communication since so long as the facilities are available the account holders access the sites on daily basis either on computers or through the mobile phone hand sets Matthew, p.

Other than the benefits these social services also have disadvantages on the society. Excess usage of these social sites is resulting to the increase in the societal crime rates especially those relating to immorality or sexual abuse.

There is no age description of the individuals who are qualified to hold accounts on the Facebook thus the young children, the teenagers and the adults all share the information that is posted on the profiles.

The young people access and put in practice ideas which are far much below their standards. Some of these may be pornographic materials which may abuse the young children.Opinion Essay: Facebook – Friend or Foe?

Facebook is undoubtedly the best-known social networking website at the moment. Millions of people worldwide regularly use it to meet their friends online.

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Facebook is getting more and more popular, even my 6 year old brother knows what facebook is.

Opinion essay about facebook

And I am sure that everyone knows that facebook My Point of View on Facebook | Teen Ink. Facebook essay writing service, custom Facebook papers, term papers, free Facebook samples, research papers, help. Facebook was created to talk to other people over the Internet; as Mark claimed “Facebook is a round about way to score chicks”.

There are many different views on Facebook but the main argument is whether Facebook is or is not a benefit to society. The latest opinion pieces, op-eds, and news commentary.

Facebook is a big time waster | Teen Ink