Mill and taylor essays on marriage and divorce

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Mill and taylor essays on marriage and divorce

Paperback Verified Purchase This was an assigned textbook for an undergraduate class on History of Modern Intellectual Europe at a state university. The book is mainly essays by John Stuart Mill, a very difficult writer, with convoluted sentences that do not hold together even when I try to read it several times.


Rossi, Sentiment and Intellect: I can only say the obvious about this book: It is an old argument and it is still being argued, though much of what the Mills complained about has come to pass: How would Mill feel about a woman in combat or as a professional boxer?

I do not think he would object to a woman pilot or astronaut, but as a warrior he might be hesitant.

He did mention rulers who were women and some mentions of Amazons, but I've forgotten much of the book. He was unusual in arguing as a man for the emancipation of women and stating a woman has the right to pursue any profession she wanted.

He had in mind a businesswoman and politician, and he had no problem with as members of Parliament -- there were none then, but now that is commonplace.

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He laid out long arguments, biological, psychological, and customary, about why women were considered to be inferior and then a long time refuting those arguments. He appeals to logic, to fairness, to liberty, to humanity -- to show a woman was equal to anything a man could do and pointed out the exceptional rule of Queen Elizabeth I and several other female rulers to show a woman can be a position of power and responsibility.

Much of this has come to pass and now I think such a book should be circulated in the Middle East countries and India-- so women can have their liberation movements there. I found the book very difficult to read and the sentence structure so awkward that I got little out of it.

He is difficult but very logical, so one must read him with much patience.

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Mill and taylor essays on marriage and divorce

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Mill and taylor essays on marriage and divorce

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (—) Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the most influential public figures in nineteenth-century America. She was one of the nation’s first feminist theorists and certainly one of its most productive activists. Cause and Effect of Pornography Essay; Cause and Effect of Pornography Essay.

Words Mar 24th, 4 Pages. alters both sexual attitudes and behavior. It is a major threat to marriage, to family, to children and to individual happiness. In undermining marriage, it is one of the factors in undermining social stability.] (Taylor This is a chronological examination of the idea of freedom as self development in the works of John Stuart Mill () and Harriet Taylor (), two close intellectual companions after Both were born during the wars with France when Civil Liberties in Britain were at an all time low.

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