Making your own soft drink

Share via Email While you should take inspiration from other brands, you still need to stand out among the rest. He launched the company last July and has already secured listings in bars across the UK. Look to established enterprises for inspiration: If you have an idea of what you want to achieve with a drinks business but don't have all that much experience, you can use other brands as a benchmark for your business or turn to established companies who will collaborate with you.

Making your own soft drink

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Later that evening things had well Yes Dear Reader I did ask, wouldn't you?

Making your own soft drink

Probably a wise thing Well the recipe for Coca Cola is a scoop that people have been trying to get their hands on for decades.

Apparently the original recipe is locked in a vault somewhere in Atlanta in the United States. Admittedly I'm not a Coke connoisseur. I drink it about once or twice a year and if anything, I prefer cooking with it than eating with it.

And because I usually eat it with pork or use it in some other dish I'm not the kind that would pick Coke from a lineup. Yet, I am still intrigued enough to want to try and make a version of it. Ingredients for cola syrup Did you know that the rumoured ingredients of Coke include lavender and coriander and that citrus features heavily but there is no kola nut?

I didn't either until I did some research into it. A recipe came from the This American Life who said that they found the original recipe buried in archives.

Making your own soft drink

The recipe has come into the news recently when ebay seller Cliff Kluge from Georgia bought some papers at an estate sale, among which is a recipe for Cola Cola.

Still, I was intrigued enough to want to try and make it since I had every item in my pantry of my fridge.

It's really just a matter of boiling it all up and then simmering it to release the flavours of all of the ingredients. So, the million dollar question, how does it taste?

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Well, it tastes cola like in the same way that cola chupa chups taste like cola but it isn't Coke. BUT it's even better I think. There are so many fantastic flavours in this that it just works so well together and I can imagine making this a gorgeous caramel that could even work with meats like pork belly or making a caramel for desserts.

You can also substitute with sugar with whatever sugar substitute you might like. It's closer to Vanilla Coke that regular coke but mixing it with soda water and you've got the making of a fabulous drink.

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So tell me Dear Reader, if you could crack any famous brand recipe, which would it be? And are you a Coke connoisseur and can you tell the difference between brands? Make Your Own Cola Drink!If you love making your own soda syrups, I’ve added even more delicious flavors on the blog now!

Espresso Soda (To make an Espresso Soda Float) Hibiscus and Strawberry Syrup (I made a Hibiscus Margarita Soda float – but you can make regular Hibiscus soda with this).

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make your own soft drinks at home I have a CO 2 Charger from Soda Club USA (Soda Club International) to carbonate filtered tap water. I buy concentrated syrup flavors from Prairie Moon Beverage Company in 4oz mL bottles.

Delicious and enjoyable homebrew kits that allow anybody to create commercial quality wines, beers and ciders in the comfort of your own home, quickly and easily.

A wonderful book of how to make your own soft drinks without all the corn syrup and artificial sweeteners used on the market today. Some recipes call for pre made syrups but there are a few which use all natural ingredients. Sadly, yes, most companies slip a ton of nasty hidden ingredients into mass-produced sodas — but if you go old-school and make your own, you can sidestep said nasties.

You will be able to create your own new and exciting soft drink brand, professionally, bottle, and pack your branded soft drinks, grow your business at a feasible pace and scale chosen by you, within your budget, on a small, affordable scale starting from litres to 10, litres and beyond.

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