Impact of brexit on the construction industry

But with Brexit negotiations creating uncertainty, businesses within this sector need to be equipped in order to survive and thrive post-Brexit. Insurance can provide confidence for construction customers during this time of change.

Impact of brexit on the construction industry

So, what can be done to deal with these problems? This video goes into possible solutions in more detail, e. Hopefully this will make it easier to construct thehomes a year which the government is committed to building annually by Some of the other reasons why these problems for the UK construction industry should be dealt with now and could become worse through Brexitinclude: An increase in import costs.

Possible restrictions to free trade for imported materials. Trouble trading with EU subcontractors and suppliers. It was seen inthat this labour shortage is already an issue, when migrant workers in the EU went home for Christmas.

With certain problems, such as the fall in sterling making the UK a less attractive country to work in, there were fears that these workers might not return. This was a warning pointed out by the Federation of Master Builders FMB when the industry was having trouble finding skilled workers such as bricklayers, carpenters, supervisors and site managers at this time.

With this being a problem as far back asMichael Cracknell, director in a capital projects advisory team, states: If demand for construction remains high, this could be a concern.The Impact of Brexit on the Insurance industry and UK construction The Fallout As the referendum results filtered through on the morning of Friday 24 th June , it became quickly apparent that the UK would be entering a period of uncertainty for the near future.

The survey highlights the concern within the industry that should a Brexit happen there is a very high likelihood of access to labour declining as margins are squeezed.

– Access to labour is essential for the construction industry, the worry of a Brexit from the EU seems to be rooted in access to labour. While construction is generally a cyclical industry, meaning it gains strength during economic upswings, small construction businesses are uniquely positioned to .

Post-Brexit industry looks to be a mixed bag, with financial stress apparently imminent for some. However, many have shed a positive light on the situation, . What impact (if any) will Brexit have on the regulation to which UK transport companies are subject in the field of environmental or health and safety?

Impact of brexit on the construction industry

Aviation If the UK remained a member of the ECAA, as mentioned above it would be required to accept EU laws in these areas. The impact on UK construction will vary depending on the post-Brexit model the UK and the EU adopt. Predicting all of the possible impacts is difficult if not impossible but we have highlighted below some of the more likely impacts for UK consideration.

Construction Industry Council - Inquiry into the impact of Brexit on future skill needs