Hurricane ike recovery response

On September 1,it became a tropical storm.

Hurricane ike recovery response

The broad low-pressure continued to track westward and was considered to have become sufficiently organized to be classified as a tropical depression at By this time the cyclone had tracked miles 1, kilometers west of Cape Verde.

Although post-analysis indicated that the depression reached tropical storm strength at After peaking in strength, a ridge of high pressure to the storm's west strengthened, causing Ike to track towards the southwest—a path unusual for the time of year.

Roughly six hours later, the hurricane emerged into the Gulf of Mexico as a slightly weakened system. At around the same time, a high-pressure area strengthened to the hurricane's north, steering the cyclone further west than initially anticipated.

Moving over the warm waters of the Loop Current[18] Ike reached a secondary minimum in barometric pressure on On September 5, Florida Governor Charlie Crist declared a state of emergency in advance of Ike's arrival, which was expected to be as early as September 8. Authorities in Key West issued a mandatory evacuation for all visitors for September 6.

Visitors were told to leave on Saturday.

Community Development & Revitalization

Voluntary evacuations were in effect for Hardin and Tyler as well as Newton and Jasper counties. In addition to the orders of local and state officials, federal officials were thoroughly involved in evacuation decisions. On September 10, U.


Bush made an emergency declaration for Texas, making more federal help available for preparations and evacuations. The bulletin advised that residents living in single-family homes in some parts of coastal Texas faced "certain death" if they did not heed orders to evacuate.HURRICANE IKE SIX MONTHS LATER.

Hurricane Ike hit the upper Texas Gulf Coast at a.m.

Hurricane ike recovery response

on Sept. 13, Nearly six months into the response and recovery effort, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continues to work vigorously in support of the state of Texas and individual Texans.

In the case of Brad Trahan vs.

Hurricane ike recovery response

Stric-Lan Companies Corp., et al, Jim Carroll, was able to obtain recovery against Stric-Lan Companies Corp. in connection with an indemnity claim for defense costs. Hurricane Ike (/ aɪ k /) was a powerful tropical cyclone that swept through portions of the Greater Antilles and Northern America in September , wreaking havoc on infrastructure and agriculture, particularly in Cuba and Texas.

Hurricane Ike Recovery Response

The British HMS Iron Duke (F) was sent to the islands to assist in recovery efforts, and personnel from the British Red Cross were also dispatched. Criticism of aid. After Hurricane Ike, many residents applied to FEMA for loans and FEMA trailers.

Many residents were forced to wait several weeks until their trailers arrived. Hurricane Ike was a Cape Verde-type hurricane, beginning as a tropical disturbance near Africa at the end of August. On September 1, , it became a tropical the overnight hours of 1 September, Ike stopped intensifying, as northerly wind shear began to impact the system.

The Texas General Land Office (GLO), through its Community Development and Revitalization Program (GLO - CDR), works to rebuild Texas communities by putting Texans back in their homes, restoring critical infrastructure and mitigating future damage through resilient community planning.


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