Essay on say no to crackers

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Essay on say no to crackers

Back to peace after the noisy polluted Diwali. We all eagerly look forward to the festival of Diwali and make grand preparations for celebrating Diwali with our close and loved ones. Gifts, decorations, diyas, rangolis, traditional clothing and lots and lots and lots of …….

Yes, Diwali in India is synonymous to crackers.

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People relate more to crackers than any other elements at the mention of Diwali. I too was a huge fan of crackers in my childhood. But when I came to the understanding of the festival and its meaning, and also about the way crackers affect our society, I did not feel like bursting another cracker since.

We all need to understand the true essence of the festival and I will take you through the same in this article. There are many stories behind the celebration of Diwali.

The one thing common to celebrate the festival is the victory of good over evil. It is for this reason that the celebrations for Diwali began.

People used to light clay lamps filled with oil and wicks to brighten up their houses at nights.

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This was to signify the victory of light good over the darkness evil of the night. People dressed up in new clothes and shared sweets and snacks with their relatives to keep with the spirit of celebrations.

The usage of firecrackers came into picture much later than the origin of the festival. Fire crackers may amuse youngsters and elders alike.

Fire crackers are mostly made by small children in remote villages. We all know that child labor is a crime; still many cracker outfits forcefully make small children perform the hazardous task of making these crackers.

When we buy these crackers, we are indirectly encouraging that child labor. These children are always at the risk of their lives because the gunpowder used in making crackers is very poisonous and if accidentally consumed or inhaled can even cause death. But there are many more ill effects of crackers than just child labor.

Crackers emit high amounts of smoke causing air pollution. They also cause huge amounts of sound pollution. Both these combined together is repeatedly proven harmful for those bursting crackers as well as to those around the area. The smoke cause innumerable breathing problems where as the sound makes people more anxious and irritated and can also lead to deafness.

The elders and patients ailing from several kinds of sicknesses are most affected by both these forms of pollutions. Even the animals that we share our land with are highly sensitive to smoke and sound. Every year, thousands of incidents are reported of mishap that occurred whilst bursting crackers.

As much as we try to be careful, even the smallest mistakes or negligence with crackers can be very harmful. People have suffered burns, lost limbs, sight and even hearing abilities at times.

And all this for what? Just a few minutes of noisy marveling pleasure? When are we going to realize that our lives are more important than such unnecessary gratifications?

And why just Diwali, crackers are a menace all round the year. Every year Hundreds of Crores are spent on crackers which give you only a few minutes of entertainment.

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This is because the structures of the two languages. essay on urging students to say no to crackers Essays & Research Papers.

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Posts about say no to crackers written by Hari Raja. Phew! Back to peace after the noisy polluted Diwali. Every year it’s the same scenario. Free Essays on Essays On In Hindi Say No To Crackers. Get help with your writing.

Essay on say no to crackers

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