Cute february writing activities 2nd grade

I found these great heart ice cube trays in the dollar bin at Target. I found this fun idea on FunFrugalMommyand had to try it with our stickers. You can download my graphing chart here. This is a 2 page printout, leave one together as the game board, and cut up the second one into pieces so you have a matching game.

Cute february writing activities 2nd grade

Sunday, September 30, Daily 5!!! I am super excited to share with all my bloggy friends about how the Daily 5 has been going in my classroom!!! These books give you a lot of great information about how to launch the CAFE and Daily 5, but the hardest part for me was how to launch them together I heard this was crazy, but why wouldn't you launch them together My second grade team and I work long hours over the summer to create a launching guide that combined the Daily 5 and the CAFE.

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Here is a picture of how I display my i-charts in my classroom: I will go back and refer to these if a I have a student or group of students who don't do a part of the Daily 5 correctly that day. During their own time aka recess we will talk about what the i-chart says and they will practice again.

I know some might think this is cruel, but it has really gotten the point across to some of my students who thought they could just slack around after the launching time was over. A second major part of the Daily 5, is to have an interesting attention getting sound.

It is crazy how this gets the students attention in one turn!! I actually use it for our math rotations as well. The kids have really responded to it, so it was totally worth the 20 bucks I spent!

The next part of the Daily 5 is to have a set area for each component. I have labeled my areas, thanks to my bff making these cute labels! Work on writing tubs match their table colors.

I have the supply person from each table go get their folders before we start Daily 5 therefore they have them on their desk already when they get to writing.

The students have to do the activity on the shelf on the left first. The activity on the right is from Abby's Spelling Unit.

I pre-cut, copy, etc. Check out Abby's store by clicking here! I have tried to let them pick their partners, but it just didn't work out.

cute february writing activities 2nd grade

I have therefore made a list of who they will read with each day. Under my chair I keep their checking for understanding bookmarks to practice with their partner. It seemed no matter how much we practiced and modeled they still are too loud when they do it on their own.

I am getting a student from a local college on Monday to help out during reading and I think I know exactly where I am going to put her! I have found it was really helpful to put the directions on how to get back on the site by our icon.

Many of my students "accidentally" click the little x and then they are logged off.Jun 14,  · We did a cute Bee glyph. As well as reading lots of great non fiction books, we also read The Very Greedy Bee and Eric Carle's The Honeybee and The Robber.

They are both cute stories but my little ones' favourite was The Honeybee and The Classroom Fun. Thanksgiving Activities and Freebies for a busy classroom.

November and Fall Crafts for #kindergarten and #firstgrade {almost} like writing with a quill! How cute are these turkeys using paper plates, a brown circle, googly eyes, and tissue squares First Grade Blue Skies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an.

Phew! The past 2 weeks have been a little crazy. Two weeks ago I had jaw surgery, and was totally out of commission for the entire week. Luckily I knew in advance about the surgery and was *almost* ready for the first day of school. Jan 08,  · We use poems for fluency practice too.

In fact, we collect them in a poetry anthology that goes home in their binders every day. That's a cute poem by the way! 1st and 2nd Day of School. August 8, by Jodi 32 Comments. Thanks for the Magic Playdough recipe-REALLY cute! Your plans look amazing!

Best of luck with your new firsties! Thanks for the great writing activities to go with them. Love it! Nicole First Grade OWLS. Reply. Barbara says.

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