Comparing and contrasting the united states

As someone who is intensely interested in politics generally, and British and American politics most especially, I am fascinated by the many differences between the political scenes on the two sides of the Atlantic. Inevitably, I am oversimplifying somewhat, but the following differences strike me as instructive. The United States has a written constitution as does the vast majority of nation states.

Comparing and contrasting the united states

A graphic organizer helps students compare and contrast two neighboring countries.

Comparing and contrasting the united states

Objectives use online or library resources to research information about two countries. Keywords graphic organizer, country, compare, contrast, natural resource, population, capital, flag, money, religion, agriculture, industry Materials Needed Comparing Countries work sheet Lesson Plan In this lesson, students use a simple graphic organizer to collect facts about two countries.

They use that information to make comparisons between the two countries.

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The lesson is best used by students who have computer access, but it can be adapted to use library resources. Provide each student with a copy of the Comparing Countries work sheet.

Comparing and contrasting the united states

This graphic organizer is created for use in grades If you are doing this activity with middle or high school students, you might want to create a different form that challenges students to read more comprehensive material; that form will probably include more fields for students to fill in.

Your youngest students might write simple statements such as "Madagascar has more people than Zambia has. Countries to Compare Following are some possible pairs of countries that you could assign individuals or groups to compare:The United States economy is highly diverse, and has as main products steel, petroleum, automobiles, and different machinery.

Taking the petroleum as an example, its production takes place mostly in Texas, North Dakota, California, Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado.5/5(1).

An examination of corporate privacy management in the United States, Germany, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, identifying international best practices and making policy recommendations. Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a public holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United originated as a harvest alphabetnyc.comgiving has been celebrated nationally on and off since , after Congress requested a proclamation by George Washington.

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It has been celebrated as a federal holiday every . Learn about immigration on Ellis Island in this interactive, virtual tour. Facts about immigration, pictures of Ellis Island, oral histories, and videos help explain the immigration process to kids.

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Similarities of the World Wars There have only been two World Wars in the history of the world. Both Wars had a variety of things in common between them. They have been broken down into the seven topics most similar to one another: Powers Involved, collection of •United States.

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