Bankers perception on islamic banking

The work of Islamic bank drives from Islamic principal and Sharia that is differentiate with conventional bank. Therefore, it is important for Islamic banks to determine what customers expect and then develop service products that meet or exceed their perception.

Bankers perception on islamic banking

Bankers perception on islamic banking

Data collected from the survey are analyzed using descriptive statistics, mean, standard deviation, and frequency counts. The results also show that most of the offshore banks do not have officers and staff who are conversant with Islamic banking.

Perception of Non-Muslims Customers towards Islamic Banks in Malaysia

Nevertheless, conventional offshore banks are willing to train their officers in Islamic banking skills and participate in future Islamic deals. However, the results also show that Labuan does not have competitive advantages over Bahrain and London, currently the leading Islamic finance centers in the world.

These limitations are further explained in the conclusion's part. First, the authorities ought to enhance the knowledge and expertise of the conventional offshore bankers by facilitating training in Islamic banking skills. Acquisition of such knowledge and skills would encourage them to participate in future Islamic banking deals.

Second, the industry and the authorities responsible for the IOFC have to be both innovative and creative. In order to convince conventional offshore bankers that Islamic banking is a viable alternative to conventional banking the products and services offered must be seen as value added.

A creative tax regime should have a substantial impact in terms of increased profit margin or reduced cost on the part of the offshore banks. Third, improving the physical infrastructure and overcoming the geographical location disadvantage of Labuan should become the priority of the authorities overseeing the development of Labuan as an IOFC.Information about the open-access article 'An empirical investigation of banking customers’ perception of the viability of Islamic banking in Côte d’Ivoire' in DOAJ.

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Madiha Arshad, Samina Aslam, Amir Razi, Syed Atif Ali, Lahore Business School, The University Of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan. Jul 05,  · The bank has a rigorous recruitment and training process (10, employees are instructed annually on all aspects of banking and Islamic banking), and the churn at the company is low, even though.

This study empirically examines the perceptions of bank customers in Côte d’Ivoire on the viability of Islamic banking in the country. Specifically, the study investigates the level of awareness of the bank customer respondents about Islamic banking as well as the factors that motivate their patronage.

Bankers Perception on Islamic Banking Essay loans in the Islamic sense. If it is in the form of money, then he has an obligation to pay Zakat out of it. If these deposits are indeed loans, then it is the banks which should pay zakat on them.

In reality,the banks make.


Islamic banking system in Pakistan was adopted in such a manner to leave the intermediation role of the banking system undisturbed. Where as the banking system in Iran is used as an instrument for achieving the goals and objectives of the Islamic revolution.