Antonio machados love for soria and the land of castile

The crime was in Granada, his Granada.

Antonio machados love for soria and the land of castile

Mercedes and Herminia make trousers for a department store at home while doing the housekeeping. With great effort and hard work they are able to purchase in installments their first television set, their first washing machine, their first car a SEAT and even spend their first vacations at Benidorm where they see the sea for the first time.

As time goes by, Antonio leaves his jobs at the Ministry and the printing house to work for Don Pablo in other business. One of them, the building company Construcciones Nueva York ends up being a big fraud planned by Don Pablo and his partners in order to run off with the money and blame Antonio.

Antonio is taken to court, the truth is revealed in the trial and finally Don Pablo is accused and imprisoned. He runs for the first free democratic general election after Franco in the list of UCD for the Congress of Deputies for the Albacete constituency.

With his new position and with the printing house running well, the family is able to move their residence from the humble San Genaro to the upper class Salamanca neighbourhood. He sells the printing house, is removed from the position in the Ministry and he starts a flags and banners factory named Estandartes y Banderas alongside his best friend Desi Roberto Cairo.

When the Banco de Granada, the bank where Antonio and Mercedes have all their savings and the mortgage of the Salamanca neighbourhood apartment, declares bankruptcy, their financial situation becomes incredibly difficult and they have to move back to San Genaro, selling at a loss their luxurious apartment in order to cover their debts.

After this, he starts an olive oil distributor with his brother Miguel Juan Echanovebut their business is ruined when they are falsely accused of causing the toxic oil syndrome. Antonio has also problems with gambling, his health gets worse when he develops angina and he has an affair that puts his marriage in serious danger.

Mercedes, tired of sewing trousers, starts to design and sell her own outfits.

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The sales go well, so she teams up with Nieves to open a boutique named Meyni in the hair salon premises, hiring Pili as shop assistant and using the back room as an atelier. As the business prospers, Don Pablo decides to invest his money in it, and the clothing production is moved to a fully equipped dressmaking factory at Don Pablo's premises, hiring a team of dressmakers and even hiring Antonio and Desi as salesmen.

Meyni reaches its peak of success when they run a fashion show in front of Carmen Polobut the company does not outlast the economic crisis and they have finally to close the factory. After Nieves' departure, Mercedes joins together with Pili and they reconvert the boutique into a unisex hair salon.

She also works for some time as a real estate agent. She suffers a health scare when she is diagnosed with breast cancer and has a mastectomy.

Antonio machados love for soria and the land of castile

With her experience in design and in the fashion industry she starts a firm to make swimwear for women with a mastectomy and once completely recovered she is one of the first woman in Spain passing a breast reconstruction.

She is also involved in the family winery taking care of the bookkeeping. There she falls in love with Mike William Miller and she decides not to come back. When Mike appears in Madrid looking for her, she decides to follow him to Ibiza to live in a hippie commune. Antonio and Mercedes try by all means to take her back but she doesn't return until she gets disappointed of her life there.

Back in Madrid she helps Eugenio with the social events in the parish. They spend so many time together that they finally fall in love with each other. Eugenio passes a secularization and they get married. When released, waiting to be taken to court and being pregnant, she and Eugenio decide to escape to France, where their son Antonio Oriol is born and where they break up.

Antonio machados love for soria and the land of castile

Later she moves to Argentina with Oriol. She is able to return to Spain after the amnesty is promulgated. When the family becomes aware of her addiction, they take her to Sagrillas and help her to get clean. After this, her acting career starts to take off, having the leading role in several movies and stage plays.

She is also involved in the family winery helping Antonio with the foreign orders and she starts a relationship with Marcos Carlos Cuevas. In the meantime, he quits his job at the newspaper when he is hired by Antonio to manage a magazine he is launching and to run his printing house.

Later, he leaves those jobs to join a firm of labor lawyers. His marriage does not last long and Juana leaves him. After the separation and losing his job, he moves to Rome from where he returns immediately after he finds out about Mercedes' illness.

Back in Madrid he starts working in a radio station. Juana later reveals that she was pregnant when she left him, and that Santiago is his son.

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He moves to London, where Juana is living, to be near his son for some time. Back in Madrid he starts working as a investigative journalistand puts his life in risk investigating several shady complots.Antonio Machado's Olive Trees: Translated by us Antonio Machado’s Los Olivos is part of Campos de Castilla, first published in and subsequently reworked until The Olive Trees dates from.

Gila, doctor, Antonio Machado, poet and teacher at the Secondary School, Javier Cabello, architect, and Mariano Quintanilla, lawyer and graduate in Philosophy and Arts.

The Poetry of Antonio Machado. A philosopher like Jean Paul Sartre or a deconstructionist like Jacques Derrida would probably say that any attempt to translate poetry is futile since one can never know exactly what is meant by the poet's words.

Soria, Castile and Leon, Spain: never attempt to visit any sites listed in without first ensuring that you have the permission of the land and/or mineral rights holders for access and that you are aware of all .

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Antonio Machado, in full Antonio Cipriano José María y Francisco de Santa Ana Machado y Ruiz Machado was devastated and left Soria, the city that had inspired the poetry of Campos, See Campos de Castilla [Fields of Castile], translated by Stanley Appelbaum, Spouse: Leonor Izquierdo (m.

; d. ). Antonio machados love for soria and the land of castile Viagens e turismo - Minube uma comunidade de viajantes e turistas onde inspirar-se sobre destinos e partilhar as suas antonio machados love for soria and the land of castile viagens As a photographer an analysis of .

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