An analysis of the views of christians and muslims on the plague

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An analysis of the views of christians and muslims on the plague

You are gasping for a full breath of air, but realizing that is not possible, you give up your fight to stay alive. That is how the victims of the Black Death felt. So how different were the Christian and Muslim responses?

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In truth, Muslims and Christians responded in many different ways. Even the way the blamed others for the cause of the plague and religious views about the disease were very much different.

An analysis of the views of christians and muslims on the plague

In a similar manner both religions acted completely out the norm, they basically set aside their spiritual beliefs for a moment. One of the similar responses between the Muslims and Christians were acting out of the ordinary.

According to document five both religions were finding non-religious alternatives to prevent the Black Death. In some cases, the Christians would try to sleeping on their backs to prevent the plague, while the Muslims would even avoid going outside.

In addition they both drank a solution of Armenian clay to cleanse the body and built fires hoping that this would purify the contaminated air. Based on document nine both the religions united together to pray and they went back to their religious ways.

These documents prove that each religion in some cases stepped out their religious backgrounds to try to prevent the Black Death.

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Religious views played a big part on the different ways the Christians and Muslims responded to the Black Death. The Christians basically thought the plague was their fault. On the other hand the Muslims are taking the plague lightly. The Muslims also believe that this occurrence is a blessing from God.

In addition document two explains the Black Death Mortality by comparing each religions death rate.

An analysis of the views of christians and muslims on the plague

This document proves that the Muslims population decreased greater than the Christians. According to document seven the Christians blamed the Jews for causing the Black Death; they believe the Jews poisoned the wells.The Muslims and the Christians had very opposite views and reactions to the plague.

While one group stuck to its religion the other turn away from theirs and became like the people of the world. The Christians was the ones to turn away from their religion and become like everyone else. Mar 15,  · While Christians in Europe saw the plague as "the just reward of our sins", Muslims in the Middle-East accepted the plague as "a blessing from God." As you can see, the Muslim and Christian faiths both had some similarities and differences in how they reacted to the Great Pestilence.

Although Muslims were aware the Black Death was a deadly plague which greatly decreased the population (Documents 2, 3), they responded peacefully. Rather than looking at the plague as life-threatening, Muslims viewed the disease as a blessing sent from God.

Europeans viewed the Black Death as a punishment for the sins of all . Like Christians, Muslims believe Mary, Maria in Spanish, or Maryam as she is called in Arabic, was a chaste, virgin woman, who miraculously gave birth to Jesus.

"Relate in the Book the story of Mary, when she withdrew from her family, to a place in the East.

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With that rat, flea, and bacillus, came the most feared plague on record. In just three years, to , the Black Death killed more than one-third of the entire population between Iceland and India.

Muslims And Christians Views Of The Black Plague The Black Death itself caused more than 30 percent of the population in Europe and the Middle East to die (Doc. 2). It was described as the end of the world when people died by the hundreds each day (Doc.


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