A study on the island of truk

Background[ edit ] Map of the Caroline Islands The Japanese occupied Micronesiaincluding the Caroline Islands, inand established Truk as a base as early as

A study on the island of truk

Background[ edit ] Map of the Caroline Islands The Japanese occupied Micronesiaincluding the Caroline Islands, inand established Truk as a base as early as After the outbreak of war with the United States, the 4th Fleet was put under the command of the Combined Fleetwhich continued to use Truk as a forward operating base into In addition to anchorages for warships, and port facilities for shipping between the home islands and the Southern Resources Area, five airfields and a seaplane base were constructed at Truk, making it the only major Japanese airfield within flying range of the Marshall Islands.

Navy leaders and the American public concerning Truk's projected fortifications, the base was never significantly reinforced or protected against land attack.

In fact, the development of Truk only began in concert, and in hurried fashion in latewhen the airfields were extended, shore batteries were erected, and other defensive measures taken against a U.

Three of TF 58's four carrier task groups TGs were committed to the operation. Their total strength consisted of five fleet aircraft carriers: Supporting these aircraft carriers was a task force of seven battleshipsand numerous heavy cruiserslight cruisersdestroyersand submarines.

The IJN had begun withdrawing fleet units from its anchorages as early as October The effective abandonment of Truk as a forward operating base accelerated during the first week of Februaryfollowing Japanese sightings of U.

No Japanese air patrol was active at the time as the IJN's 22nd and 26th Air Flotillas were enjoying shore leave after weeks on high alert following the Liberator sightings.

A study on the island of truk

Because of these factors, U. As many as 30 of the 80 Zeros sent up in response to the fighter sweep were shot down, compared with four Hellcats reported lost.

Only token aerial resistance was encountered for the rest of the morning; almost no Japanese aircraft were present by the afternoon. Some vessels outside the lagoon already steaming towards Japan were attacked by U.

Still others, attempting to flee via the atoll's North Pass, were bottled up by aerial attack and by Admiral Spruance's surface force, Task Group Dozens of aircraft were damaged or destroyed, further blunting any possible response by the Japanese to the strikes. Subsequent joint attacks by dive bombers [nb 2] and Avenger torpedo bombers cratered runways and destroyed hangar facilities.

Ramagecommanding officer of Dive Bombing Squadron 10 VBis credited with sinking the previously damaged merchant tanker Hoyo Maru.

The bomb blast set off a tremendous explosion, which immediately sank the ship and apparently engulfed the plane as well, killing all three men inside. By the second and third anti-shipping strikes of the day, carrier air group action reports listed the apparent enemy mission as "escape".

One particular group of warships —cruiser Katoriauxiliary cruiser Akagi Marudestroyers MaikazeNowaki and minesweeper Shonan Maru — was given special attention by carrier bombers.

Multiple air groups attacked these ships, inflicting serious damage. Yorktown's dive and torpedo bombing squadrons claimed two hits on Katori and hits on another cruiser and multiple destroyers; Essex bombers claimed five hits on a Katori-class cruiser as well, stating that the ship was stopped dead in the water after the attack.Micronesia is a region that includes approximately islands, with a total land area of 2, km 2 (1, sq mi), the largest of which is Guam, which covers km 2 ( sq mi).

The total ocean area within the perimeter of the islands is 7,, km 2 (2,, sq mi).. There are four main island groups in Micronesia. Mountain view, CA: Mayfield. This ethnography concerns the introduction, use and often violent results of beverage alcohol on the island of Truk.

Since beverage alcohol was introduced into the Pacific by Europeans, its role in Truk social life and culture was defined by colonialism. 4b. Operation Hailstone (Japanese: トラック島空襲, translit.

Torakku-tō Kūshū), lit. "the airstrike on Truk Island"), 17–18 February , was a massive United States Navy air and surface attack on Truk Lagoon conducted as part of the American offensive drive against the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) through the Central Pacific Ocean during World War alphabetnyc.com: 17 February – 18 February Description.

Franko’s Map of The Cayman Islands is my first and original Caribbean Islands map, which I began to draw in , but it wasn’t finished until January 3, ! A Restudy ofthe Reported Occurrence ofSchist on Truk, one of the key island groups determining the position of these lines.

A study on the island of truk

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